Killing the ..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

A Fever in t..

Timothy Egan

The Hundred ..

Rashid Khalidi

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Mitchell Zuckoff

When Crack W..

Donovan X. Ramsey

The Devil in..

Erik Larson

Rise and Kil..

Ronen Bergman

Killing Kenn..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

Killing Engl..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

Ghosts of Ho..

Mark Harmon

Lone Survivo..

Marcus Luttrell

Democracy Aw..

Heather Cox Richardson

The Deadline..

Jill Lepore


Anderson Cooper & Katherine Howe

South to Ame..

Imani Perry

Powers and T..

Dan Jones

Killing Jesu..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

Ordinary Men..

Christopher R. Browning

Masters of t..

Donald L. Miller

Skunk Works..

Ben R. Rich & Leo Janos

Emperor of R..

Mary Beard

Endurance: S..

Alfred Lansing

SPQR : A His..

Mary Beard

On Killing..

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman

We Don't Kno..

Fintan O'Toole

The Fright B..

Jeff Belanger

A Day in the..

Nathan Thrall

The Lessons ..

Will Durant, Ariel Durant & John Little

Teddy and Bo..

Brian Kilmeade

The New Rule..

Sean McFate

Code Over Co..

Matthew Cole

Surprise, Ki..

Annie Jacobsen

Blitzed: Dru..

Norman Ohler, Shaun Whiteside & Claire Bloom

Anne Frank: ..

Anne Frank

Black Hearts..

Jim Frederick

We Were Sold..

Harold G. Moore


Tom Holland

The Last Out..

Tom Clavin

Death Waits ..

Greg "Gravy" Coker & George E. "Chik" Hand, IV

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Pete Blaber

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Barbara W. Tuchman

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David Mitchell

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M. Doreal

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Matthew Rozell

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Orlando Figes


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Napoleon Bon..

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Erich von Däniken

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Noam Chomsky

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Bob Drury & Tom Clavin

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Ben Macintyre

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Howard Zinn

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Daniel Immerwahr

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Admiral William H. McRaven

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Crow Killer:..

Raymond W. Thorp & Robert Bunker

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Daniel K. Richter

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Tom Brokaw

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Nathaniel Philbrick

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Grace Elizabeth Hale

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Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns

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Anu M'Bantu & Gert Muller

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Christopher R. Fee & Jeffrey B. Webb

World War 2:..

Captivating History